You need a special character?

– Use your English keyboard.



With the LingfilSemitica program you can write more than 800 signs without changing keyboard.


Perhaps you would like to write,


or the corresponding upper-case characters:


or perhaps some phonetic signs,



The whole International Phonetic Alphabet is available with LingfilSemitica and your English keyboard.


The learning curve when using LingfilSemitica is extraordinarily short. This is because you use the most natural key for every diacritic to add to a base character. If you want a dot under a character, as in ṭ, use the dot-key! If you want a macron above a character, as in ȳ, use the hyphen-key.


LingfilSemitica is complete: you may write every Latin-based character contained within the Unicode standard! The number of signs that can be written with LingfilSemitic exceeds 800. Plus all IPA signs and some extra editorial symbols. Just have a look at the character table in the user guide and you’ll understand.


LingfilSemitica is designed for your everyday use of both English and special characters. As long as you write "normal" English text your English keyboard will work as usual. But when you need to do a transcription of, say Hebrew or Arabic, all characters you need are "at your fingertips" without changing anything.


LingfilSemitica is developed with the technology of Tavultesoft. Every LingfilSemitica program contains a module of their world-leading Keyman software, which guarantees that the program will work smoothly on your computer now and in the future.


Try LingfilSemiticaUS together with your American/English keyboard for 30 days free. It is worth the test.


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